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'''Anthony Braxton''' (born June 4, 1945) is an American composer and instrumentalist. Braxton has released well over 100 albums since the 1960s. Among the instruments he plays are the sopranino saxophone|sopranino, soprano saxophone|soprano, C-melody saxophone|C-melody, F mezzo-soprano saxophone|mezzo-soprano, E-flat alto saxophone|alto, baritone saxophone|baritone, bass saxophone|bass, and contrabass saxophone|contrabass saxophones; the E-flat clarinet|E-flat, Soprano clarinet|B-flat, and Contrabass clarinet|contrabass clarinets; and the piano. He used to play flute and alto flute as well, but has since discontinued his use of these instruments. Braxton studied philosophy at Roosevelt University. He taught at Mills College in the 1980s, and was Professor of Music at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut from the 1990s until his...
Birth nameAnthony Braxton
Alias| birth_date = {{birth date and age|1945|6|4|mf=y}}
Birth placeChicago, Illinois, United States
Death date| instrument = Saxophone, clarinets, flute, piano
GenreJazz, avant-garde jazz, free jazz, free improvisation
OccupationComposer, musician, educator
Years active1968–present
Label| associated_acts = Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians|AACM, Ray Anderson (musician)|Ray Anderson, Circle, Chick Corea, Creative Construction Company, Dave Holland, Leroy Jenkins (jazz musician)|Leroy Jenkins, George Lewis (trombonist)|George Lewis, Tony Oxley, Sam Rivers, Woody Shaw, Wadada Leo Smith, Cecil Taylor, Kenny Wheeler, André Vida
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